Monday, 31 October 2011

# 144 - WAR - The EU and growth and unemployment.

Under normal circumstances if the BBC are interviewing somebody and they say its 'BLACK' the BBC will ask are they sure it isn't 'WHITE'! Most of the time this is healthy reporting.

However on the EU the BBC never aggressively challenges pro EU statements. I believe this is directly related to the soft loans the EU has given the BBC and also because in the main the BBC doesn't wish to upset the pro EU views of the political establishment who after all determine their funding via the licence fee.

So when Nick Clegg was interviewed this morning on Radio 4 about growth and jobs he was allowed to get away with repeating the Europhile's mantra that our growth and 3 million jobs were dependent on the EU. This happens to to be completely untrue and provably so but the BBC are never going to let the truth get in the way of their general support for the EU.

Just imagine how the BBC would have treated Mrs Thatcher in an interview if she had offered the opinion that the EU was bad for growth and jobs!! I would have bet a fair amount that the BBC would have come back with the opposing point of view.

For all the reports and weasel words that the BBC are doing something about their deeply ingrained bias it is crystal clear they are still as bias as ever.

Monday, 24 October 2011

# 143 - WAR - The BBC omissions on the recent riots and Libya.

1.The BBC hates the popular Daily Mail which sells over 2million copies a day and yet continually quotes form the Guardian and Independent which sell 279,368 and 185,035 respectively.

So today the Mail covers the story that rioters from 44 countries have been locked up as a result of the riots and yet not a squeak from the BBC. The BBC no longer covers the news but only reports the stories that fit in with its overall left of centre views.

2. Have you noticed how the BBC reports that Gaddafi impoverished his people in Libya.
Well the facts are rather different but don't expect the BBC to let the facts get in the way of their reporting.
If you compare the GDP per capita of the following countries the results are:-
Libya - 14,000
Tunsia - 9400
Eygpt - 6200
Syria - 4800
What good is the BBC if they cannot report the facts correctly.

Friday, 21 October 2011

# 142 - WAR - Dale Farm and Esther Rantzen.

Isn't it amazing how the cash strapped BBC had 30 crew at Dale Farm + canteen trailer which out numbered the protesters by the end. The BBC will always be there for any bleeding heart, PC leftie cause.

Also the BBC always looks after its own and promotes them. So it was that Esther Rantzen was on the Jeremy Vine show today complaining about being lonely. Hasn't anyone told her that she only got herTV work because of her husband who she stole from another woman. So where are her children, she used to pose with as the perfect family, when she needs them? Where is the charity work to put back something into the community? She strikes me as a pushy woman who most men would avoid at all costs.

Two more examples of a different kind of BBC bias.  

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

# 141 - WAR - More bias reporting on the EU.

If BBC journalists were doing their jobs they would challenge the much repeated mantra of the Europhiles that we can not seriously consider leaving the EU because so much of our trade is with the EU.

Well the Democracy Movement, which replaced the Referendum Party in 1997, has been saying this for over 12 years:-

There is no need to worry about future trade with the EU if we withdraw from it. We buy far more of their goods than they buy of ours. If trade stopped altogether, the EU countries would lose far more than we would.

We could easily enter into a Free Trade agreement with them because they would be mad not to.

Indeed the EU has a free trade agreement with Mexico on the same terms as us but they don't pay millions every day to be a member of the EU club.

The break down of our GDP is as follows:-

14% is exported to the EU and is declining and in deficit.
14% goes to the rest of the world
72% of GDP is our own domestic economy.

The EU tail should stop wagging the UK dog - they need us more than we need them.

If the BBC was not so institutionally bias they would point the above facts out at every time they interview a Europhile who churns out the old chestnut that we cannot leave the EU because we trade so much with them.