Wednesday, 5 October 2016

#410w - Two more examples of bias based on the BBC's PC agenda.

1. White or Black -  After the recent abduction and rape of the school girl in Oxford the BBC were happy t report that the suspects were two WHITE males. Now in comparison when was the last time your heard the BBC so clearly state that the suspects to a crime were BLACK?

I'm just asking a very simple question.........

2. Diversity - Jon Holmes has been sacked, after 18 years of working for The Now show on Radio 4, for being white and middle class. A good friend of his, a Jewish woman, who was responsible for helping to set up the BBC's diversity programme told him " I'm so sorry we just wanted to represent everyone fairly. It was never about sacking people who already do the job and simply replacing them to tick a box. This isn't what we meant to happen at all."

Well the BBC, like so many other gutless and PC led organisations, clearly DO have a tick box culture which, and here is the complete irony of the situation, is in itself DISCRIMINATORY.