Friday, 18 December 2009

# 052- WAR - BBC 2 1120pm to 0020am - Earth: the Climate Wars.

What a shallow bias programme Dr Iain Stewart narrated.

He concludes Global Warming is a fact.

Has he read Heaven and Earth by the Australian scientist Ian Plimer or the latest book by our own journalist Christopher Booker.

Also NO mention that all the worlds man made CO2 emmissions only accounts for 4% of the TOTAL.

What a classsic piece of dumbed down bias BBC coverage on the Global Warming issue.

The liberal elite who control our lives have adopted Global Warming as thier new religion aided and abetted by the bias BBC.

I'm so glad I don't pay my TV licence to this bias broadcaster who is obliged by its Royal Charter to report in an unbiased way.

Shame on you BBC.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

# 051 WAR - Newsnight 17th December 2009

Again Newsnight ends with only reviewing the Independent and Guardian Newspapers that nobody reads apart from BBC bosses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!