Tuesday, 31 March 2009

#War 023 - G20 Riots in London

Watching BBC 1 News at Ten on Tuesday the 31st March 2009 the lead story was on the G20 summit but there was NO mention at all of any of the demonstrations in London during the day. This is bias news reporting as of course the BBC would not wish to take any gloss off the 'Gordon Brown G20 show' by giving any air time to the dissenters.

#War 022 - New Labour given benifit of doubt.

Did you notice how the story over Jacqui Smith's husband watching porno TV, courtesy of the tax payer, took a couple of days before the BBC News lead with it and then how it dropped down the order as each hourly news was broadcast. Compare this to the sleaze of the last Conservative Government which was quickly headline news on the BBC and kept up at the top for much longer.
This is just yet another example of the left of centre BBC news bias.

Friday, 27 March 2009

#War 021 - the Queen's succession?

With the country up to its neck in debt the bias Republican BBC decides to lead on its morning radio news bulletins with the story that our useless PM has seen the Queen about changing the constitutional rules to her succession to include the first women and the right for them to marry a Roman Catholic. Of course the BBC made no mention of the historic context as to why the Queen is Head of our Church of England. This is just so very typical of the BBC to lead on a story which supports the New Labour left wing republican agenda.

Monday, 23 March 2009

#War 020 - Tory Inheritance Tax Plans.

The BBC 1 News at 1000pm last night Sunday 22nd March, no longer leading on Jade Goody, led with the story about the supposed changes to the Tory Inheritance Tax Plans after a comment made by Ken Clarke that this was not a priority earlier in the day.
What a non story but no doubt the BBC trying to be even handed between New Labour and the Torys felt they should try and level the balance sheet with a good old kick at their natural enemies the Conservatives!
Daily the BBC prove they are institutionally bias in favour of the left of centre of British politics.

#War 019 - Jade Goody.

Between dumbing down the news or raising the standards the BBC increasingly opts to dumb things down. If proof were needed the fact that on Sunday 22nd March much of the BBC news actually LEAD with the story of Jade Goody's death is proof enough. This story, if it appeared at all, should have been the last report NOT the first. I wouldn't mind betting that outside the liberal elite BBC types this story would not be considered that important for the number one billing the BBC gave it.
Between excellence and dumbing down the BBC is bias towards dumbing down.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

#War 018 - Binyam Broadcasting Corporation!

Little John of the Daily Mail on Tuesday 17th March criticises the BBC for pandering to Binyam Mohamed, the Ethiopian terror suspect released recently from Guantanamo Bay and flown 'home' to Britain.
The BBC gave him an easy platform to criticise MI5 and smear America and disgracefully agreed with Binyam's solicitor not to ask him about his attendance at terrorist training camps in Pakistan or why he was carrying a false passport when arrested.
This was the BBC showing its most blatant bias as Little John concluded - ' this was not an interview but a party political broadcast on behalf of al Qaeda.'

Monday, 9 March 2009

# War 017 - U2 and the BBC

A number of people on Radio 4's Feedback are concerned that the BBC showed bias in favour of the Band U2 with the free publicity they gave them last week. It now appears a former Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas, who quit the BBC after the Ross/Brand lewd broadcast last October, became the Director of Programming and Business Development at Universial Music UK which owns Mercury Records who released U2's new album 'No line on the horizon'.

Typical BBC to show bias again under the slogan 'U2=BBC' and even dedicating part of its website offering tickets and links to the band's official site.

This is just another example of how the BBC is institutional bias and out of control and operating as a law unto itself.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

#War 016 - 25 year old miners strike.

The 25 year anniversary of the miners strike gives the good old BBC the chance once again to bash Maggie Thatcher. Of course in all the coverage there is no mention of a new book by respected journalists Francis Beckett and David Hencke called 'In marching to the fault line' which calls on documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and interviews with many key players and describes Arthur Scargill now as remote,deluded and somewhat of a tragic figure. I seem to recall one Welsh miner ringing in to the Jeremy Vine show this week talking about Scargill as if he was some sort of God like figure and of course no cross examination by Vine to point out he could also be seen as a complete failure.

Is the BBC institutionally bias?

Yes they prove it every day!