Sunday, 15 May 2011

# 096 - WAR - BBC bias on AV vote.

Tim Luckhurst who is Professor of Journalism a the University of Kent writes in the 'Mail on Sunday' today and has this to say in para 10 of his article as to - Why the Liberal elite get it so spectacularly wrong.:-
The AV Referendum has given this country a forceful reminder of something many intelligent, hardworking adults in towns, villages and suburbs across the land have long known. Policies and proposals that are treated as pure wisdom inside soi-disant 'progressive' bastions such as university common rooms, small-circulation newspapers* and the BBC are anathema to millions of Britons. And this silent majority is, very reasonably, fed up with being told that it is wrong.
* By this I assume he is referring to the Guardian which is the Bible to all BBC types

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