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Sunday, 30 March 2014

#309 - WAR - Paying A Compulsory Tax For BBC Bias Is Morally Wrong

#309 - WAR - Paying A Compulsory Tax For BBC Bias Is Morally Wrong

A biased BBC isn't worth its licence fee

The Rev Paul Flowers has been exposed as a buffoon, who had no idea of the size of the bank of which he was Chairman. 
He has also been shown by hard evidence to be a grotesque hypocrite, with a personal life quite out of keeping with his position in the Methodist Church.
Those who trusted him have acted accordingly. The Methodist Church has suspended him indefinitely. The Co-operative Bank forced him to resign. Even the Labour Party, no stranger to internal irregularities, has suspended him.
Paul Flowers was interviewed by a simpering Paxman on the BBC's Newsnight programme
Paul Flowers was interviewed by a simpering Paxman 
on the BBC's Newsnight programme
The Mail on Sunday, acting quite properly in the tradition of robust journalism, played a major part in his downfall by exposing his drug abuse. Mr Flowers might well feel aggrieved at that. Even saints (which he is not) dislike being shown up in public.
But why did the supposedly impartial BBC feel it was its job to sympathise with Mr Flowers, and to give him a platform for an orgy of public self-pity, combined with crude, baseless abuse of this newspaper? 
The BBC’s bias is most clearly shown by its frequent failures to pursue and interrogate those with whom it secretly sympathises. Yet it will turn like a tiger on those of whom it secretly disapproves. 
Who can forget Jeremy Paxman’s relentless interrogation of former Tory Home Secretary Michael Howard, in which he asked the same question 12 times?
But in his encounter with Mr Flowers, Mr Paxman was transformed from tiger into purring pussycat.
His questions were gentle lobs. He failed to rebuke Mr Flowers for blatantly flattering him with allusions to his supposed ferocity. 
Mr Paxman even laughed sycophantically at an unfunny remark about scripture, as if the two men were Oxbridge dons maundering over the port.

He did not press Mr Flowers on his not-very-Christian unwillingness to offer a proper apology for his actions or show any convincing remorse.
He failed to challenge Mr Flowers’s refusal (on spurious legal grounds) to discuss his alleged drug abuse, or his claim that he cannot afford to sue The Mail on Sunday, in this era of no-win, no-fee lawyers. 
The real reason for his silence is that this newspaper’s stories are true.
'Mr Paxman even laughed sycophantically at an unfunny remark about scripture, as if the two men were Oxbridge dons maundering over the port'
'Mr Paxman even laughed sycophantically at an unfunny remark about 
scripture, as if the two men were Oxbridge dons maundering over the port'
We cannot know the reason for this toothless, flaccid performance by the famed Grand Inquisitor of the BBC.
But there is a clue in the way in which Mr Flowers was wholly unchallenged when he used the interview to attack The Mail on Sunday as ‘pseudo-fascist’, the sort of baseless, politically illiterate abuse that might be shouted at a student demonstration, rather than spoken by a man of the cloth.
How ironic that last week’s Mail on Sunday revealed Mr Paxman’s Newsnight colleague Duncan Weldon tried to minimise his own past as a supporter of the BNP.
The BBC simply does not deserve the great privilege of the licence fee if it cannot try harder than this to be fair.

Majestic stoicism

The Queen herself will never complain openly about anything. But the Government should be ashamed of the thoughtless way in which they have overloaded the Monarch’s schedule in the first week of June.
They should also note that the 87-year-old Head of State has been forced to take on back-to-back engagements precisely because her Parliament, full of fit and well-paid young men and women, has so little to do.

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

# 202 - WAR - A week of more bias!!

I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy organising the 2nd meeting of the Harrogate Agenda but of course NOTHING changes as the BBC continues its relentless outpourings of bias.

Here are a few examples from this week:-

1. Badger cull - Peter Kendall the President of the NFU has complained that the reporting has been bias against the cull.

Well there is a surprise!!

The Guardian reading BBC journalists and reporters live and breathe let wing lovey causes.

2.BBC and Jimmy Savile - Newsnight investigation on JS was axed for editorial reasons.

I bet it was as the BBC appears to be totally culpable in its handingly of this affair over the many years JS worked and was lauded at the BBC and the people to blame are the senior management.

3. Eric Hobsbawm  - The BBC grieved the death of Marist EH but of course made no mention that he hated Britain, excused Stalin's genocide and might even have been a traitor as he knew Blunt and Burgess.

EH also told a blatant lie in one of his books that the USSR only used minimal force to maintain their communist system between 1957 - 1989.

He also underplayed  the Soviet attack of Finland in 1939-40 saying it was a little border dispute and omitted to mention the 20,000 massacre of Polish soldiers by Russian Secret Servive at Katyn and dismissed Soviet violence on Poles in Warsaw in 1944.

The left wing BBC needs its heros and never let the facts get in the way of promoting those they say are their own.

4. Train Franchise - A £40 million cock up is bad but how does it compare to the £10 billion NHS computer cock up which happened under New Labour?

Of course the BBC make NO mention of this!

5. Newsnight review of the newspapers   - On Wednesday the programme ended with The Guardian followed by the Independent then the Express and finally the Financial Times.

All 4 are at the bottom end of the distribution league and of course no mention of the Daily Mail the paper with the highest distribution.

The BBC has bias in its DNA.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

# 196 - WAR - The Arctic's ice melt.

My God I'm tired of this endless BBC bias over climate change but last night Peter Lilley MP confronted Paxman on Newsnight head on and scored a direct hit!

It was great to watch!!

Peter Lilley had been invited on with the new Green's leader to discuss Arctic ice melting. The discussion was preceded by a Newsnight clip which basically said the Arctic summer ice melt was a danger to the world.

Lilley first point out that he had been invited on to discuss on  issue while the 'clip' covered another. He also pointed out how the main contributor to the 'clip' was a known alarmist and so the clip was bias.

Well there is a surprise the BBC is of course 100% biased in favour of climate change.

The facts are the Arctic ice always melts in summer always has and always will. Whether it is any more so now is totally open to debate what I do know from Ian Pilmer is that we are currently in an ice age. Also the Antarctic is expanding and when the Antarctic is cooling the Arctic is warming and vice versa. The Arctic was warmer than now between 1920 to 1940.

The BBC does even attempt to report the news it just reports its biases!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

#War002 - In the beginning!!!

What a good time to start a Blog on BBC institutional Bias what with this whole issue of their supposed impartiality by not showing the Gaza Appeal broadcast.

The BBC make me laugh as they have 20 odd years of 'form' of being bias. In fact the title of my blog calls them institutionally bias - lets look at the evidence in no particular order.

  1. They are bias against Maggie Thatcher and all she stands for. If they can sneer at her achievements as they do.

  2. They are biased against the Daily Mail, Britain's most popular daily newspaper, by only occasionally showing it at the end of Newsnight on BBC 2 etc.

  3. They are bias in favour of the Independent and Guardian by nearly always showing them at the end of Newsnight.

  4. They are biased in favour of New Labour by giving their politicians an easy ride.

  5. They are biased against the Tories by attacking their politicians and still dragging up stuff from 10 years ago.

  6. They are biased in favour of Climate Change seldom showing the either side of the argument despite increasing evidence that the whole Climate Change lobby is based on an unproven science.

  7. They are biased in favour of the EU, who gives them money in the form of grants, seldom balancing their enthusiasm for the failed experiment of a Federal Europe.

  8. They are biased against the Establishment, despite having a Royal Charter, never missing an opportunity to poke fun at them.

  9. They are biased in their recruiting policy by ONLY advertising positions in the Guardian.

  10. The are biased in favour of Darwin against Creationism and I say that as a Darwinist!

  11. They are biased on the economic downturn supporting Gordon Brown's mantra of the 'Global problem' when regardless of the worlds problems Brown happily messed things up all by himself.

  12. They are biased in favour of the dumbing down of quality TV by supporting virtually anything and everything.

  13. The are biased in favour of swearing by allowing Jonathan Ross to continue in his job at £6 million a year.

  14. They are biased in favour of youth - when did you last see a really old broadcaster/presenter?

  15. They are biased in favour of women who for example now routinely interview players at rugby and football matches. Ever seen a man present/interview on a ladies fashion show?

  16. They are bias in favour of good appearance - when did you last see an ugly presenter?

  17. They are biased in favour of race integration. The Question Time audience on BBC1 is now so ethnically mixed that it is not a true representation of this country's racial mix.

  18. They are biased against the Church of England with Songs of Praise on Sunday the rare exception.

Well that is it for starters. I will now add individual examples as I see them, comment on posts if applicable and add other comments as the institutional biased BBC continue to wind me up!