Friday, 15 May 2015

# 351 - WAR - Common Purpose and the BBC.

As I was already aware the below link confirms that the BBC uses our money to send their staff to be 'brainwashed' by the sinister left wing indoctrination body called Common Purpose which surprisingly passes itself off as a charity.

Its not as though the BBC wasn't bias enough with its mainly Guardian reading staff but they also get them 'trained' to be better left of centre citizens!

Monday, 11 May 2015

# 350 - WAR - Bias coverage of the General Election.

Just before I comment on the election there is one piece of bias I must record which occurred when Andrew Marr interviewed the PM before the election and virtually accused him of being pro fox hunting. Andrew Marr later admitted that his implication was completely wrong and apologised but  of course the damage by then had been done.

Now onto the election and most of you cannot have failed to note that there have been  a number of comments in the press about the BBC bias election coverage, that is unless you are a left wing Guardian reading luvie!

I'm not going to go into their bias in any great detail but suffice to say this:-

1. Before the election there was no detailed analysis of possible outcomes as they followed the herd that a coalition was most likely. They was also little analysis of Ed Miliband moving New Labour back to Old Labour to keep his Union sponsors happy.

2.During the election results coverage, after the exit poll, there was little analysis of the Tory's success as they concentrated in the main on the SNP gains and Labour and Liberal Democrat losses.

3. After the election the coverage has again concentrated on the SNP and the trouble they may cause ( actually they have no power to change anything!) and the potential trouble in the Tory ranks over the EU referendum also  of course a fair smattering of naval gazing about the troubles in the Labour Party. Missing has been any serious discussion as to the success of the Conservatives which is a news story worth covering in detail. 

Now wait, watch and listen to the endless coverage of Conservative splits over Europe as the bloated BBC continues its bias outpourings.