Friday, 17 June 2011

# 107 - WAR - Thursday 16th June 2011.

1. 10.00pm News

Nowhere in the news coverage about the Tory cuts and employment issues is there any serious analysis that this country is simply employing too many public workers which after all are paid for by the taxes and profits associated with the private sector. Maybe the BBC doesn't want to frighten the horses but if they really want to cover the news properly then they should be pointing out that what is happening in Greece could well happen here if we don't match our country's expenditure to the income. However the bias BBC takes the easy Guardian line which is to attack the government and offer up New Labour's alternatives as a serious option.

2. This Week

The first item after the introductions and 'Moments of the week' was a report by a radio presenter on the government's decision to admit that they will not be able to honour their manifesto commitment to restore weekly bin collections through out the land. However there was NO mention that this policy is largely instigated by the EU's landfill tax which forces councils to weekly recycling collections at the expense of weekly general rubbish collections.

The BBC which gets soft loans from the EU is never keen to criticise the EU.


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