Sunday, 19 January 2014

# 297 WAR - BBC's anti-Tory posters

As if we need any further proof of BBC bias it is reported in the Sunday Telegraph today that in the BBC's office opposite Westminster they had on the staff notice board headlines cut out from the Daily Mirror which were critical of the Tories.

Conservative MP Rob Wilson called on the BBC to remove the articles and launch an investigation.

A BBC spokesman said: " We don't immediately know what staff notice board Mr Wilson is referring to, but whatever it is, it won't have anything to do with the BBC output."

Oh yes it will Mr BBC spokesman as you are all so 'Guardianised' and INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS that you only comprehend the left of centre view of our politics. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

#296 - WAR - The way the news is set out is bias.

Here are two examples of bias based on the way a news story is put together. Both these examples come from the news on Radio 2 today and yesterday.

1. Fracking - An item on fracking yestersday started with the news that councils  are being offer government incentives to allow fracking and then went straight into the enviromental concerns and to a Green Peace spokesperson for their comments which were of course anti fracking. The bias comes about by immediately linking the news story with concerns over fracking and comments from Green Peace. Why for example could they not follow the story with comments from those who are NOT concerned with fracking and only see advantages and then follow up with a comment from an expert who is pro fracking.

2. Inflation -  Today the first item on the morning news was that inflation is at its lowest for four years and without drawing breath went straight into commenting that despite this there are still concerns over the cost of living. Again why was this news not immediately followed by a positive comment on the advantages of low inflation.

 As expected the BBC cannnot let news about this mainly Tory government escape without an adverse comment which is usually broadcast without contradiction and if issued by a spokesperson is seldom if ever challenged.

Also I read somewhere in the last couple of days that Nick Clegg was allowed to push his Lib Dim views, without challenge, on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday and of course while talking about the EU was NOT challenged on the lie that 3 million jobs would be lost if we left the EU.

The BBC is beyond reform it must be scrapped.     

Sunday, 12 January 2014

# 295 - WAR - Some more classic BBC bias.

Two stories from the good old Sunday Mail which to its credit never shies away from criticism of the BBC and pointing out their bias.

1. Sherlock Holmes - The Co-writer of this show Mark Gatiss has spoken of his hatred of the Tories while his colleague Steven Moffat has been vocal about his left wing views. So it is no surprise that the production is seen as peddling a left wing agenda with the introduction of an evil capitalist newspaper baron as Sherlock's nemesis and last week's  jibes directed at a 'dithering, in coherent, and self-interested unnamed major of London and his hair brained schemes.

This is in sharp contact with the saga over Ian Curteis' play on the Falklands war which was commissioned in 1983  for release in 86 but never shown until 2002 due to it's supoosed favourable treatment of Mrs Thatcher.

Please remind yourself of the story here -

2. Attempts to cover-up 'eco conference' - The BBC has spent tens of thousands of pounds over 6 years trying to keep secret an 'eco' conference they held for 28 top BBC executives which promoted the green's agenda on climte change.

 In 2006 with a £67,00 loan from New Labour the BBC's own enviromental analyst Roger Harrabin set up the seminar to promote the line on climate change and other Third World issues in BBC reporting.

This is BBC chief Helen Boaden's statement to the inquiry urging the seminar stayed secret:-

" The seminar had an impact on a broad range of BBC output spanning science programmes and News reports. Some editors and executives, who attended, were inspired to be more ambitious and creative in their editorial coverage of this complex issue....[It] should not later be reproduced in such a way as to allow attribution. The list of attendees should not be released to third parties."   

Says it all really and all you need to know about the BBC and its bias.

Friday, 3 January 2014

# 294 - WAR - BBC bias on immigration.

It is pretty clear to me that the BBC is generally pro immigration and is loathed to criticise the last New Labour governments 'Blairite approach' to the issue.

So it is no surprise that they gave blanket coverage to a report last month, by Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini from the UCL, which said immigration had made a substantial contribution to the public finances.

However yesterday Mervyn Stone a senior statistician at the UCL said the report contained some basic schoolboy errors.

The BBC has a duty to be impartial and not only balanced but check out information BEFORE they broadcast.

I'm sure the BBC won't publish a retraction but then they don't care as they have used the airways to promote their view of the world and to hell with the truth.

The trouble is the BBC's version of the truth is NOT representative of the public at large.