Friday, 29 November 2013

# 283 - WAR - Lord Sugar speaks out against the 'Jobsworths' at the BBC.

Lord Sugar, a Labour Peer, is quoted by Ephraim Hardcastle in The Daily Mail as saying, in the House of Lords, recently - "Layers of jobsworths need removing at the Corporation"

Also in the same paper Jennifer Saunders rants that the BBC is full of too many layers of unnecessay management and waste money.

Both these are significant criticisms of the BBC as they come from 'friends' as both Lord Sugar and Jennifer Saunders have been in programmes on the BBC.

When the luvvies start to point out the bleeding obvious, that the BBC is overmanned or should that be overpersonned, then I am hopeful that the worm may be slowly starting to turn.

However having said that I predict that it will still be many years before the BBC is brought to heel or book whichever you prefer!

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