Sunday, 17 November 2013

# 280 - WAR - It's only your money they waste!

Andrew Gilligan writes a good article today attacking the BBC in the Sunday Telegraph under the heading:-

What Lonley Planet is the BBC on?

In it he points out the BBC lost £100million after selling the 'Lonely Planet' travel book company.

Quite why the BBC enter this market in the first place, which is NOT their area of expertise, is ot explained but one can only assume as they are only ever spending your money they don't have to have a good reason.

The person responsible for this loss making deal was paid off with £800,000.

Other statistics from th4 article include:-

  • BBC managers to be reduced from 437 to 415 by 2015 - WHAT ARE THEY ALL FOR?

  • Despite the BBC's prominence in news reporting they have only won 39% of the awards from the Royal Television Society in the last 5 years and NONE from the Bafta since 2006 and only won it twice in the 12 years since the award was created - IS IT ANY SURPRISE?

  • The BBC is the largest news organisation in the world - WHY?

With most of the BBC news dumbed down and centring on such matters as Beckham's tatoos, while presented in sound bites for those with the attention span of a gnat, I'm not surprised they aren't winning news awards.

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