Wednesday, 6 November 2013

# 276 - WAR - The new BBC News Studio.


Well here it is in all its glory the new BBC News studio opened in March this year and no doubt familiar to you all. Well last night as I was listening to the 'lip twitcher' Hugh Edwards reading the news I suddenly thought 'I wonder how many work in this studio?' I've counted seating for around 250+ and feel this has to be the biggest vanity project the BBC has ever undertaken given the increasingly low grade news output designed for a general public that apparently only have the attention span of a gnat!! This also has to be the biggest white elephant the BBC has ever produced and sums up exactly why the BBC is so out of touch with the public it serves.
Lord Hall told the CBI conference this week that the BBC must spend our money as if it was their own which is a clear statement that the BBC has spent money like water up to now!
The BBC is a hugely bloated oganisation that is quite incapable of reform as all those who work in it and are associated with it have as much idea about beening 'Prudent' as did Gordon Brown!!  

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