Saturday, 7 December 2013

# 284 - WAR - Lord Patten and the Jeremiahs at the BBC.

Two snippets from the papers this week first Lord Patten is refusing to go before a Parliamentary Committee to discuss BBC bias. I wonder why? This EU pensioner is clearly as pro the EU as you can be and leads a BBC which, having received soft EU loans, is also pro the EU.

Next after the Chancellor's Autumn Statement justifiable criticism has been made of the Jeremiahs at the BBC for for the past three years have taken every opportunity to to talk down our economy - predicting that the austerity 'cuts' would precipitate a triple-dip recession and misery for millions of people.

Take for example Stephanie Flanders who until recently was the BBC's economic editor ( and former student flame of both Ed Balls and Miliband) she was well known in Westminster for her bulletins of economic gloom.

In March she blogged '......there is a distinct possibility that national output will shrink again, in the first three months of this year. In other words, it is quite possible we will see that much talked about "triple-dip".

The truth is by june she had to admit not only that the triple-dip hadn't materialised but nor had the second dip!!

Ms Flanders soon after her inaccurate predictions lef the BBC for a job with JP Morgan on an estimated salary of £400,000.

So here is a classic another Guardian reading left-wing BBC luvvie who has such empathy with the poor!!!!   

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