Friday, 15 November 2013

# 278 - WAR - Jeremy Vine show and Climate Change.

This post is a little late as I've been away in London attending a debate on whether we should leave the EU with the result being - 51% for leaving and 49% for staying!! History teaches us that unless the 'outs' enter the referendum 20 points ahead we will lose.

Anyway back to the Jeremy Vine show. Earlier in the week, I believe Wednesday, the first topic for discussion was whether we should now change our minds about the green taxes on our fuels bills because of the typhoon in the Philippines.

Bias number one - Only one person was interviewed being the pro climate change journalist George Monbiot.

Bias number two - George Monbiot comes from the Guardian!

Bias number three - Monbiot was NEVER interrupted or challenged on two of his facts - that the Oceans have warmed up and that the world's temperatures have gone up by 1% over recent years. Both are wrong.

Bias number four - Despite most telephone calls being against climate change Jeremy Vine appealed for more people to telephone in who supported climate change and gave equal billing to both sides.

I believe the only way to get the BBC to change is for a mass boycott of the TV licence.

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