Sunday, 3 November 2013

# 275 - WAR - Is the BBC capable of reform?

NO of course it isn't, that is until it has to live in the real world without the licence fee tax.

Here are 4 examples of how the BBC operate I've picked up over the last few days.

1. They spend your money like water - I read in the press that the BBC have on their books the ex Nu Liebour spin doctor  Godric Smith to act as a PR consultant to improve the image of the BBC after the Savile affair. He only works part-time and is paid £150,000! Apparently the BBC already have 140 people in the PR department but there is always room for one more left-wing ex-Blairite.

Can you imagine the BBC employing an ex Tory spin doctor .......exactly!!

2. BBC management are guilty of turining a blind eye to wrong doing - So Paul Gambaccini admits to be the recent BBC employee to be questioned by the police during its operation Yewtree investigation, into sexual abuse, after the Jimmy Savile situation.

What strikes me, since Savile's exploits hit the headlines, is the extent to which the BBC is guilty of  turning a blind eye to many illegal acts going on around it and indeed on its premises. The BBC is stuffed full with the liberal elite and their rooks are coming home to roost.

Someone peoples heads should roll.

3. BBC stage manage a racist story -  I saw the broadcast Rod Liddle writes about in the Spectator this week.

The programme Inside West, in Bristol, dressed up two people, one in a suit and the other in a Muslim robe and cap, gave them identical CVs and sent them out to apply for the same jobs.

Yes you guessed it the suited man got more job offers.

Rod Liddle concludes " If you dress in a way to emphsise your difference to the norm, don't be surprised if you're afforded fewer job opportunities as a consequence."


This was BBC propaganda and not objective news reporting.

4. The propaganda of a non story - On my local BBC news covering Somerset tonight The lead story involved the governments's spare room allowance ( Bedroom tax).

The story centred on a man with a cronic condition living in a house with a spare bedroom. He was being asked to move as the room was not used but he was appealing as the room was too small to fit a bed in it so he argued it couldn't be classified as a bedroom. The room was small and they are still awaiting the result of the appeal. So this was a non story but built up by the BBC to attack the govermnnet over, what they have been calling the bedroom tax, but referred to during this news item as the spare room allowance. This I assume was after Iain D-S complained about the BBC bias on this topic.

Why was this the lead story especially as it had NOT reached its conclusion?

Why did the BBC not show a successful story, associated with the spare room allowance, helping someone get a house?

The answer is because the BBC is still institutionally bias.

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