Wednesday, 20 November 2013

# 282 - WAR - David Dimbleby on the BBC.

David Dimbleby who has been with the BBC for more then 50 years said the following yesterday on Radio 5 Live as reported in the Daily Mail today.

1. The BBC is too powerful and should be slimmed down.
2. It should cut gardening and cooking programmes.
3. The coverage of the Royal Pageant on the Thames was rueful.
4.  It is crushing local newspapers with its online coverage.
5.  BBC4 should merge with BBC2 and concentrte on quality.
6.  If you have one organisation that controls the airwavs is that in the end democratic?
7.  Some of the licence fee money should be used to subsidise other independent radio and broadcast   stations to give more variety.

All those things and more would help the BBC but I'm not certain it would end the bias.

Interestingly in the same article it said former head of of TV news Roger Mosey admitted the BBC was too big and too left wingand also suggested the licence fee should be shared with rivals and the number of TV channels reduced.

Well done David Dimbleby for speaking out but isn't it annoying how those that point out that the BBC is bias are usually FORMER employees of the BBC!!

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