Monday, 23 February 2009

#War013 The credit crunch

The BBC continues its bias reporting of the credit crunch always supporting the Government's line that this is a worldwide problem and that Gordon Brown is no more to blame than anyone else. Never pointing out or accusing New Labour Ministers of being totally to blame for allowing this to happen in the first place. Proof if proof were needed came to me this week in a summary article in the lastest edition of the 'The Week'. The article by Fareed Zakaria for Newsweek explains how Canada is not only surviving the credit crunch but positively thriving in it. Canada is alone amongst industrial nations in that it has not had one bank collapse. Last year the World Economic Forum ranked the country's banking system the healthiest in the world America's came 40th and the UK's 44th. Why has Canada been so stable well because while the USA and Europe loosened regulations on thier financial sectors the Canadians insisted on keeping old fashioned rules. - simple really just use some common sense.
I wonder why the BBC doesn't report this very newsworthy story? Simple because the BBC is institutionally biased and as part of this country's elite the BBC would not want to upset the establishment and their cosy relationship with New Labour.

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