Thursday, 5 February 2009

#War005 - Come on Dave - Boycott the BBC (Robin Page)

#War005 - Come on Dave - Boycott the BBC (Robin Page)

Come on Dave – so far during my time of political re-think, you have shown that you couldn’t actually lead a sugar mouse out of a paper bag – now show some leadership – stop being a political pc-wimp and lead a licence-payers’ strike against the BBC.

What is going on? Carol Thatcher has had a private conversation with contributors to the BBC’s increasingly dreary and predictable “One Show”. Her conversation has been entirely legal, yet an informer has complained to the BBC’s thought-police and she has been sacked from the programme. Incredible – Jonathan Ross’s obscene phone call actually broke the law – he gets suspended; Carol Thatcher had a legal, private conversation – she is fired. Just as in Eastern Europe before the wall came down, or in the Third Reich, an “informer” has reported her for incorrect behaviour (1984) and she has been punished.

What a state to be in. Britain is gradually filling with informers, Quislings, collaborators and vigilantes, as New Labour turns into New Fascism. In the new order of things left has become right and right has become confused. To help show how politics has been hijacked by the devious and dangerous – remember Henry Williamson, author of that wonderful book “Tarka the Otter”. Despite his books he never received an honour – why? He believed in a united Europe – just like today’s EU and for his trouble he was called “right wing” and “a fascist”.
Now bizarrely, and I cannot work out how it has happened, those of us who are AGAINST the EU superstate are referred to as “right wing”. Sixty years ago we would have been left wing and acceptable. Today we are apparently right wing and unacceptable. Can somebody explain please as I am clearly rather dim?

So Carol Thatcher’s crime is that she suggested that a French tennis player with ringlets looked like a golliwog. Well, the fact is that I don’t know his name, but I think I know who she means simply because he does looks like a golliwog. When I was a child I had a golliwog; today I have a golliwog mug and when I went to America a couple of years ago I bought a collection of Little Black Sambo stories, sold to me by a black shop-assistant. When I told her how pleased I was to find the book and that in England it would be difficult to buy, she said:” How ridiculous, the stories and illustrations are wonderful – they should offend no-one – they are beautiful”. Never mind, most of the pc-whites at the BBC would presumably not regard her, as proper black – white BBC executives are the true defenders of black people from racism.

But who informed on Carol Thatcher – that is the big question. They should either be sacked or sent to Malawi for a month for a bit of education. Last time I went there I flew to Lilongwe from Harare on Air Where Are We, sorry, Air Malawi, and that was after a flight on Zambia Scareways – sorry again, Zambia Airways. Oh dear, and once in my hotel I received my first shock – the local paper had an obituary for a “Mr.Sambo – a true born nigger”.

When I first went to Malawi it was run by a “wicked dictator”, Dr Hastings Banda. The airport was efficient and the planes ran on time; the new capital showed vision with large plots of fast growing eucalyptus planted throughout the city for wood and charcoal; the roads were repaired and the streetlights worked. Outside the land was tended and for the first time for decades Malawi could feed itself. But oh, woe, pc Britain in the form of Tory Lynda Chalker, Baroness Wallasey, decided that Malawi was undemocratic.

It was almost as undemocratic as the system that had made Lynda Chalker a Baroness. In 1992 Lynda Chalker was democratically thrown out of the House of Commons. She was then undemocratically made Baroness Chalker, and although the electorate had rejected her, she continued in Government. From there, as Minister of State for Overseas Development, she had the audacity to lecture Malawi about “democracy”.

Well, Malawi is a democracy now and it is also a shambles. Corruption is rife, the country no longer feeds itself – the country no longer works – so that is what Lynda Chalker evidently regards as the fruits of democracy.

Go, “One Show” informer and actually learn something in Africa and I would almost bet my bottom dollar that you will be able to buy a golliwog in Blantyre.

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