Saturday, 28 February 2009

#War015 BBC reporter Robert Peston.

In a small article in Thusdays Daily Mail at the bottom of page 7 the following was reported:-

Fresh questons are being asked yesterday as to whether the BBC's reporter Robert Preston is being used as a Government stooge.
On Wednesday's 10 O'Clock News, the corporation's business editor excitedly reported that Sir Fred Goodwin was drawing a pension of £650,000 a year.
The announcement completely overshadowed news yesterday that the RBS had made a record £24 billion loss and that the taxpayer would have to Insure the bank against future losses of up to £325 billion. The BBC has already defended Peston against claims that he was 'acting as a instrumnet of the Treasury' over the HBOS and Lloyds deal.

Given the BBC's previous form in the matter of bias I smell a rat and believe the BBC and New Labour are far too close for comfort.

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  1. Yup. It is well known in El Vinos by the other hacks that his leaks all come from Downing Street spin meisters