Friday, 6 February 2009

#War008 The BBC is now run by a narrow sect.....

Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail yesterday Thursday 5th Feb wrote under the heading :-

"The BBC is now run by a narrow sect, blind to the good sense and values of those it serves."

He criticises the decision over Carol Thatcher saying nobody in the real world really cares and yet she looses her job and Jonathan Ross keeps his for a far worse incident which did cause a public outrage. He says towards the end:-

"I am not in favour of racism or sexism either. Nor are most people. But when a once great public organisation is so denuded of belief and idealism, when it bears down with the blind obsession of a witchfinder general on small solecisms while disregarding gross aberrations of taste, iti s time to question its remit."
It is increasing clear that Mark Thompson, incidently a man of principle and conviction, can no longer control the BBC.

In my opinion the BBC is moving towards a confrontation with the public who increasing see the BBC as completely out of touch with their own aspirations and beliefs.

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