Tuesday, 7 July 2009

# War 043 - BBC 1 Question Time

If you look at the video clip of Question Time last week (To watch the full programme CLICK HERE, you will clearly see that the cameraman has caught Harriot Harman's signal to David Dimbleby at just after 14 minutes into the clip.

Here is the clip itself:

Ian Duncan-Smith has just brought up his pet subject of problems of inner city areas and crime. Just after the hand signal and roll of the eyes by Harriot Harman, Dimbleby goes into overdrive to shut IDS down, claiming vociferously that he's off subject.

The earnestness of Dimbleby shows quite clearly that he is responding directly to Harman, almost as if he is under some sort of obligation to do so.

Take a look and judge for yourself.

Is this the State Broadcaster responding to its State controllers?

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  1. Also a good recent example of state propaganda was Syria. When the government were desperate to get involved in their very own new foreign war the Beeb went into overdrive. News and discussions about it flooded the airtime of nearly every programme. They were trying a form of brainwashing. We were definitely being conditioned to forget the vast amounts of blood and treasure we lost in our other foreign wars and resign ourselves to another one.