Tuesday, 3 February 2009

#War004 The BBC and the Gaza charity ad.

#War004 The BBC and the Gaza charity ad.

I read a very good article in the latest Spectator by Rod Liddle about the BBC and the Gaza charity ad. In it he argues that the BBC was absolutely right NOT to broadcast the ad as it was clearly biased in favour of the Palestinians with every attempt made to serve there cause. He went on to congratulate the BBC for their balanced reporting of the recent war and therefore concluded for the BBC to have shown the ad would have broken their even handedness.

On reflection I agree with Rod Liddle because it is so important that the BBC honours its Royal Charter and is balanced especially with its worldwide reputation at sake.

HOWEVER I find the hypocrisy of the BBC completely beyond comprehension because ,as explained in post #War002, the BBC is institutionally bias in virtually everything else they broadcast - following in the main the liberal left, politically correct, human rights and multicultural agenda.

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