Sunday, 27 October 2013

# 272 - WAR - BBC compared to Radio Moscow!!

Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph compares the bias in the BBC to the output from Radio Moscow and concludes " The idea that Radio Moscow could ever recognise the extent to which its party line might be biased is as far-fetched as the thought that the BBC's staff might stop reading the Guardian." !!!!!!

Then following up from last week's 2 articles on the BBC there are 8 letters on BBC bias heading up the letters page. An Elizabeth Boon points how "those against government policy are given more time and consideration than those defending the government" and concludes " As far as I can see the only way is to privatise the BBC"

The BBC is bias - PERIOD - and because that bias is INSTITUTIONALISED and those in the BBC are mostly all left leaning then NOTHING will change until the licence fee tax is turned off.

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