Sunday, 6 October 2013

# 264 - WAR - Ed Miliband and his Marxist father.

I think my only comment on this is to quote Rod Liddle in this weeks Spectator in which he says :-

" I could write an article insisting that David Cameron was created from the frozen semen of Adolf Hitler by Soviet scientists and that he enjoyed nightly intercourse with feral goats - and still the Beeb and Channel 4 wouldn't give a monkey's. 'He's probably right,' they would all be saying to themselves, 'for once'. There would be no calls for sacking, or prosecutions. The Guardian 'Comment is Free' website would be utterly uninterested."

And there you have the BBC's bias explained from a former editor of the BBC Radio 4's Today programme who is still a member of the Labour party albeit he is in my opinion nothing like as 'pink' as he once was.

The Right don't complain about BBC bias perhaps for fear of upsetting the them while the Left are amongst friends at the BBC and complain about and to anyone who challenges their take on things. Also it is as though the have a guilty conscience which needs to be defended.?

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