Thursday, 10 October 2013

# 266 - WAR - Energy price rises.

6 O'clock news on BBC 1 led with the SSE energy rise of 8.2%.

Why is this the lead story and still nothing on the Guardian newspaper damaging our security service - a much bigger story by any measure?

Because this gives the Guardian reading BBC the chance to attack the Tories and give Ed Miliband an uninterrupted one to one while the balance provided by Cameron has him talking to a group of workers in a factory. Miliband churned out some classic anti government pro consumer rhetoric.

When Miliband was interviewed why was he not challenged on introducing the MOST expensive bill in our history, The Climate Change Act 2008, when he was Secretary of State for Energy. This is one of the key reasons our energy bills are rising.

There is also a belief that Newsnight did not cover this story and the speech by Spy Chief Andrew Parker on Tuesday because the Editor of Newsnight is Ian Katz an ex-Guardian Executive. Well I never did who would ever expect that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to watch left wing bias in action just watch the BBC news.

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