Sunday, 13 October 2013

# 267 - WAR - The BBC protects its friends in the Guardian.

Robert Halfon Tory MP said last week ' It is incredibly sad that our national broadcaster has seemingly chosen to side with the Guardian and impose a news blackout on an alleged major threat to our national security by a national newspaper.'

The BBC obviously 'rejected this suggestion' but the trouble is they have shown INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS for so long they simply don't see how biased they are.

The Mail's Editor Paul Dacre said on Saturday :-

 ' This week the head of MI5 - subsequently backed by the PM, Deputy PM, Home Secretary, and Labour's elder statesman Jack Straw - effectively accused the Guardian of aiding terrorism by publishing stolen secret security files.

The story - which is of huge significance - was given scant coverage by the BBC which only a week ago had devoted days of wall-to-wall pejorative coverage to the Mail.

Again, I ask fair readers, what is worse: to criticise the views of a Marist thinker, whose ideology is anathema to most and who had huge influence on the man who could one day control our security forces... or to put British lives at riskby helping terrorist?'

The bias BBC always makes its choice based on protect the left and attack the right.

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