Monday, 7 October 2013

# 265 - WAR - The Respect at work Review 2012.

The above review or known as the Rose Report as it was led by Dinah Rose QC was commissioned by the BBC last year to look into 'haressment' at the BBC.

One of the submissions to the review was the dossier 'Bullying and Harassment at the BBC' which was compiles by the National Union of Journalists.

Despite there being ample evidence that the BBC is rife with bullying and sexual harassment little has changed as managers close ranks and most complainants fear that pursuing grievances will jeopardise their careers.

Over the years the list of reports, reviews and comments from departed BBC employees of all ranks have all highlighted work place problems and of course bias. Yet despite these reports and comments Old Auntie just keeps going on and on.

The BBC is far too large, cumbersome, bureaucratic, isolated from reality and institutionally biased to change.

Only two things will change the BBC. First when the money, in the form of the licence fee, is severely  restricted if not scrapped and politicians develop sufficient guts to insist on wholesale changes.      

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