Monday, 21 October 2013

# 268 - WAR - The Sunday Telegraph 20th Oct 2013

The Sunday Telegraph had a real go at the bias in the BBC last Sunday with its leader on page 33 titled:-

Are you happy, Tony Hall, about the BBC's bias?

Well exactly I've been asking the same questions for years!

The Leader pulled from two stories in the paper.

The first on page 2 by David Barrett which highlighted the bias reporting on the 10 O'clock news last Monday by Mark Easton, the home editor, in the wake of the European Commission's report on immigration. Iain Duncan Smith criticised it as unbalanced, which reading the transcript of the report clearly shows that it was.

Next on page 28 Robin Aitken, who was a BBC reporter for 25 years on the Today programme, wrote under the heading:-


Robin Aitken has just written a book of this name in which he clearly catalogues numerous examples to show why the BBC is bias.

For example he points out the the BBC's coverage of the Ralph Miliband affair concentrated on attacking the Daily Mail rather than asking the vital question as to whether Ed Miliband is a 'cultural Marxist' as a result of his father's influences. That was and is the important issue and not whether Ed's father hated Britain or not.

After 25 years in the BBC Robin Aitken should know if the BBC's reporting is balanced. My own analysis over the years concludes:-

The BBC is institutionally bias.  

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