Saturday, 13 April 2013

# 235 - WAR - BBC bias now on automatic pilot!!!

Being institutionally bias the BBC's management and reporters just don't see it.  They have been brainwashed over many years to believe the Right are uncaring and the Left are compassionate. North Koreans have also been brainwashed again over many years to believe all their ills have been caused by the capitalist West. I think the power to brainwash should not be underestimated.ed

1. Question Time  - Last Thursday Charles Moore said that the BBC were being bias over the coverage of Margaret Thatcher's death and added that this is something they are not even aware of. More people SHOULD say this when given the chance especially Tory politicians but they are all too frit as Maggie would say!

2. The wicked witch is dead song - This was the LEAD item on the news at 4pm on Radio 2 yesterday and has been covered near the top since.Is it really that important or do the bias BBC just like to report the developments to this story becuase it promotes the anti Thatcher cause??
Anyway this issue is a matter of TASTE and GOOD MANNER and has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech. Freedom of speech should always take into account taste and good manners but having said that people can do what they like after the funeral but common decency should see restraint before it. Never forget the BBC have happily banned songs in the past and even TV shows -  for example doctoring Fawlty Towers because of supposed racist comments and not playing the Sex Pistols 'God Save the Queen' becuase it was considered offensive. SO WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE NOW??? Its Maggie of course!!

3. BBC gagging orders - So the BBC have included a gagging order in the new DG's contract.
WHY - What do they have to hide?? BTW Tony Hall earns £450,000 so I'm glad I'm not contributing to any of that!!!

4. Director of Strategy and Digital - Is to be the ex Labour Culture Secretary Labout MP James Purnell on £295,000 - so absolutely NO bias there then!!!!!!!

The more people who decide not to pay their TV licence the more it would become a major story and issue for the BBC Never forget as a consumer you are asked to pay for the BBC but you are NOT getting what it says on the tin. Their reporting is bias and provably so - so why should you pay them to watch bias reporting?


  1. we have had to separate (due to selling two houses and CGT) so the mrs now spends 4 nights per week in her own home. she has also moved the telly licence (she always paid it, as I would not). Just wondered did you have any hardship in court (as I have no intention to pay it here) and any advise you can give on this would be good.

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