Sunday, 12 May 2013

# 236 - WAR - Who the BBC invite to interview is the key to their bias.

Can I remind you that the BBC operates under a Royal Charter to report in an unbiased fashion.

Over the years their standard answer to a particularly bias report has been to say that over time the BBC do ensure balance even if one report was one sided.

The trouble is this is difficult to prove with out monitoring ALL their output over a considerable period of time so the BBC carries on with its bias pretty unperturbed.

In the Sunday Mail and Telegraph today were 2 example of the BBC's bias.

1. In a letter in the Telegraph a John Whaley from Tilehurst, Berkshire pointed out how the likes of Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy, Ken Clarke, Former Justice Secretary, and Emma Reynolds shadow minster for Europe are never confronted on Question Time by the likes of Christopher Booker who would be in a position to challenge their half truths with some facts!

2. Peter Hitchens points out in a small piece that on Radio 4 recently John Humphrys "chortled through a Today programme 'debate' as two think-tank spokesmen both advocated decriminalising drugs". As PH went on to say isn't the BBC meant to be impartial?

So the thing to listen out for when tuned into the BBC is who they interview and debate with and how often they give soft interviews to the 'Left' and a hard time to those on the 'Right'.    

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