Wednesday, 3 April 2013

# 231 - WAR - Tony Hall the new DG of the BBC.

The Daily Mail hits the nail on the head with its Editorial today entitled :-


Here are a few extracts from the piece:-

'Its coverage should be factual and fair.....................instead they have allowed Left-of centre attitudes- pro EU, pro-mass immigration and pro-unrestrained state spending - to colour current affairs out put. And this bias is all the more insidious for being subconscious.'

NB. The Daily Mail forgot to add their pro-climate change bias to the list!

The Editorial goes on:-

'Nowhere has this pink-tinged mindset been excemplified than the BBC's treatment of Iain D-S's benefit reforms...............................through the BBC prism, every modest attempt to trim public spending is a wanton act of cruelty.'

........'(and how telling the BBC strikers said they would go back to work to report on Nelson Mandela's death, but not Margaret Thatcher's)'.

It concludes:-

' How can the public hope for him (the new DG) to address this acute problem (of bias) if he won't even acknowledge that it exists?'

This is why I DON'T pay my TV licence as the BBC operates under a Royal Charter to report in an unbiased way and as they are clearly very BIAS in their reporting I'm not getting what it says on the tin so I refuse to pay!

I was taken to court and given a Conditional Discharge and now having moved house I still don't pay. It would appear the BBC don't want to take me to court again as the adverse publicity would NOT be very good for them at the moment.

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