Saturday, 6 April 2013

# 232 - WAR - Welfare reform join the dots!

1. Iain Duncan Smith ambushed lived on air by market trader David Bennett as to whether he could survive on £53 a week so John Humphreys asked IDS directly if he could and he replied " if I had to, I would."

2. David Bennett, who describes himself as a ' poker playing ducker and diver' who lists his interests as football and beer later admitted he lives off £150 a week.

3. Polly Toynbee, a Guardian columnist, wrote that the poor will be hit by an 'avalanche of cuts' which propel them into 'beggary'.

4. Another commentator, in response to the survey that showed that poor families take the harshest anti-welfare lineline, says the problem is not enough people read the Guardian! 

5. The default paper of choice amongst BBC journalists is the Guardian.

Join the dots and it is obvious the bias BBC is pushing the anti cuts line.

So to his credit IDS complains that 'the BBC is always negative, never explains, never talks about why we are reforming, or the fact that the national debt is rising to terrifying levels. All the BBC case studies are hardluck stories like that of the £53 a week market trader. They never focus on a family stuck on a housing waiting list or in B&B accomodation.' He goes on 'they have adopted the Labour term Bedroom Tax instead of the Removal of the Spare Room subsidy.'

The BBC is the mouth piece of  New Labour and the Guardian.

Oh and by the way the Guardian loses money and has the lowest circulation of all the national papers and is only kept going by the profitable Autotrader which is in the same group.

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