Wednesday, 10 April 2013

# 234 - WAR - Lady Thatcher and the BBC.

I have posted before that the BBC's vendetta against Margaret Thatcher is still on going and is clearly still going on after her death.

Actually as Stephen Glover says in the Daily Mail today the BBC started quite well as befitted the ocassion even slightly reverential but within 24 hours they were back to their very biased best.

1. Allowing Jerry Adams to vernt his bile WITHOUT pointing out he was leader of the IRA's Army Council when the Brighton bomb was set off which killed 5 Conservatives.

2. Saying she was against sanctions on South Africa but failed to say the reason was she worried it would harm the blacks more and that Nelson Mandela visited Mrs T in 1990 as soon as he was out of prison to thank her for her part in his release.

3. Loads of news footage of the miners strike without mentioning as even Neil Kinnock pointed out in her tribute programme that Arthur Scargill had a lot more to do with pit closures by failing to compromise and they didn't mention how many miners were agains the strike.

4. On the World Service a Welshman was given airtime to take a swipe over the Falklands.

5. Various interviews on radio and TV with youngster, one being only 3 in 1979 who were celebrating her death at a party.

6. Mark on the World Service given airtime to promote a song 'ding dong the witch is dead.'

7. Loads of coverage on Howe and Lawson's disagreement with her over the EU but little to NO commnet that actually she has been proved right about the EU.

All the above could be introduced over time but why so soon after her death?

The BBC would not have treated her this way if she had been from the left. When the ex-Marxist historian and Stalin sympathiser Eric Hobsbawm died ther was NO mention of his support for a totalitarian regime.

The BBC is bias to the left and hates Margaret Thatcher and I predict more bias to come.


  1. 100% correct and very clearly documented.
    I think that the BBC are playing with fire now, and will reap one hell of a whirlwind if they persist in trashing the memory of an old lady who has barely left the mortuary.
    They are so insulated, arrogant presumptuous, patronising and well-padded with our money that they act as if there`ll be no consequences.
    I think that there will be, especially if they persist in pushing this witch song of theirs.
    They make the story-they may yet die by it.

  2. I hope you don't pay your TV licence!!

  3. bias = noun
    biased = verb

    Try to use biased when required; for clarity and authority.

    e.g. "biased toward", not "bias to"