Wednesday, 3 April 2013

# 230- WAR - Boris a nasty piece of work?

Rod Riddle's answer to the question  - 'Boris, a nasty piece of work?' in this week's Spectator is ' I don't think so'.

Of course he is referring to the interview that Eddie Mair of the BBC had with Boris Johnson on the Andrew Marr show recently.

Now Rod Riddle is no Right Winger ( albeit IMO I note he is not as leftie as he once was!) so when he makes the point that NO BBC journalist would talk to a leftie like that it is definitely worth pointing out. As he goes onto explain that sort of interviewing is reserved for people from the political right.

Now Ed Balls who is generally known as 'a nasty piece of work' would NEVER get that treatment from the BBC. The only lefties who do get tough questions are the likes of George Galloway who the BBC considered dosen't matter.

Everybody knows the BBC is bias except those cocooned in the BBC who are so brainwashed with the Leftie and Green agenda that they have absolutely NO idea how institutionally bias they are.

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