Friday, 1 January 2016

# 381 - war - BBC bias against christianity.

I received this e-mail yesterday highlighting a small but significant piece of BBC bias over its coverage of Christian worship. I am in no doubt that while the BBC does offer a limited coverage of church services they do so against their own instincts.

Hello Niall

I found your blog while searching on climate change bias as remember someone once found the secret list of members of the committee which formulated BBC policy.  Can't find it now of course.  Anyway I was visiting a housebound friend before attending church on Christmas Day and she was watching the only service (as far as I know) on TV.  I was shocked that they faded it out before the end so the whole of the last verse of Hark the Herald was omitted  .  Presumably it over-ran slightly but if that had been a football match or other sport all subsequent programmes would have been re-scheduled.  The only chance those who could not attend church had to watch a service was spoilt.

They regularly do this with the Radio 4 morning service on Sundays - fading out the organ voluntary just so they can trail some following programmes.  A friend and I have frequently complained but of course they take no notice.  So organists who have practised hard for this moment are dismissed as unimportant.  The BBC is run by philistines. 

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