Monday, 11 January 2016

# 384 - war - Airtime given to David Bowie's death.

The six o'clock news on BBC1 is 30 minutes followed by the weather and then the regional news up to 7.00pm.

The death of David Bowie has just taken up the first 15 minutes of the news. Covering this type story, as the lead item and for so long, is without precedent and is a classic example of the BBC's dumbing down.

In the past the pop and film star story or major sports item came at the end of the news lasting, I would guess, up to a maximum of around five minutes.

Many at the BBC I would suggest grew up listening to David Bowie and have assumed we are all as interested as they are in his life's story.

Especially as I heard Jeremy Vine is to host a special programme on David Bowie this news item should have been briefly covered at the end of the news.

The BBC proves daily it is unfit for purpose.


  1. I couldn't care less about David Bowie and I thought the BBC were over the top on their coverage. I also thought that Cameron had better things to do that tell us what a great man Bowie was. I am more than capable of deciding these things for my self without the Prime Minister telling me.

    Both the BBC and David Cameron are unfit for purpose.

  2. Whilst I wont pretend I am not interested in the death of David Bowie, I would have been, as you say it should have been towards the end of the news, 2 -3 mins, and should end David Bowie who died today. Now for the weather with .............

  3. That bit should read .....I would have been happier with good reporting, as you say..........