Wednesday, 23 December 2015

# 380 - war - Subtle bias.

On Radio 4 this morning we had a classic example of subtle bias which can be worse than blatant bias if repeated often enough - as it is.

The topic was about the homeless and the reporter asked the homeless person a question in this way :-

" People believe that homelessness is caused mainly by drugs and alcoholic dependency but THAT ISN'T TRUE IS IT?

This allowed, the no doubt handpicked, homeless person to reply :-

" No it is not I was just made redundant...........etc"

So far you may not see the above example as bias but when I ask you to consider if a reporter would EVER ask a Conservative MP the question below you may understand where I'm coming from.

" People believe the Conservatives are still the nasty party but THAT ISN'T TRUE IS IT?"

Exactly - I rest my case.

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