Sunday, 3 January 2016

# 382 - war - The BBC is no friend of our monarchy.

The BBC has previous form in pushing a republican agenda through its attempts to undermine and discredit our monarchy.

Back in October 2007 the BBC One controller Peter Fincham resigned after the trailer for a documentary purported to show the Queen walking out of a photo shoot  "in a huff." This was NOT true and the clip used of her complaining was filmed BEFORE the photo shoot and related to something completely different.

So it is no surprise to me to read in the papers today that a new BBC Two drama, Royal Wives at War, alleges that the Queen Mother tried to woo Edward VIII before settling for George VI.

This ludicrous claim has been generally derided by a number of historians and even experts featured in the film have distanced themselves from this claim.

Still this the BBC in 2016, a law unto itself, unmanageable, generally anti 'Establishment' and with left wing luvie tendencies so strong I'm surprised it doesn't just keep going around in circles.

Finally it was also interesting to read in the same paper that Julian Fellowes believes the BBC " lives in a 70's bubble" and despite its public subsidy shows no sympathy for people who do not share its metropolitan world view. He went on to say that ITV just let him get on with making Downton Abbey will he feels sure the "BBC would have not been happy if the drama did not reflect their own political and philosophical viewpoint."



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  2. A letter in the Telegraph yesterday from Lord Lexden give some reasons to believe that Elizabeth Beaux-Lyon was actually enamored of the Prince of Wales but switched to his younger brother. Her biographer Hugo Vickers concurred with this hypothesis.