Friday, 22 January 2016

# 387 - war- Mark Mardell's subtle unprofessional bias.

Today on Radio 4's World at One at around 13.25 Mark Mardell was introducing a item on laddish behaviour at universities that involved sexist behaviour against women of which the PM had expressed concern.

During the introduction he said, as an aside, that the PM made no mention of the Bullington Club(BC)

As I understand it the BC was indeed male only and in the main the members were only involved in childish high jinks, after a boozy meal, none of which were directed at women.

If I'm basically right, as I believe I am, then Mark Mardell's comments, made on a serious BBC news programme  were totally unacceptable, inappropriate, unprofessional and showed bias. 

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  1. Folks aren't necessarily staying on the situation. They are focusing on each other name calling, bad language.
    Extremely unprofessional. See the link below for more info.