Sunday, 14 December 2014

# 334 - WAR - Question Time and The BBC book at bedtime.

Question Time.

A bias audience and dumbed down last Thursday's QT, with Nigel Farage and Russell Brand, turned a once great BBC programme into The Jeremy Kyle Show.

David Dimbleby seemed to give up chairing the debate one can only assume being instructed through his ear piece, by a BBC Guardian reading leftie,  to let things run as it made 'Great' TV?!

To cap it all a foul mouthed Bunny La Rouche ( plus it appeared a tame supporter two seats in front of her) from the Socialist Workers Party was also given a free stage for her rant that Nigel Farage was "a racist scumbag."

How much lower can the BBC sink?

It's remit is to ' inform, educate and entertain' and on Thursday night QT did none of those.

BBC 4's Book at bedtime.

The BBC keeps claiming that it is NOT bias and then picks, out of many other contenders, Hilary Mantel's book 'The assassination of Margaret Thatcher' for it's Book at Bedtime slot.

As Lord Tebbit commented 'It is a sick book from a sick mind and is being promoted by a sick broadcasting corporation.'

How can ANY reasonable person disagree with that?

More ammunition to not pay your TV licence.



  1. And now Russell Brand has a programme on BBC3 concerning the war on drugs. Lefties employing more lefties at the BBC. Nothing changes.

  2. Absolutely not - I'll scratch your leftie back if you'll scratch mine!!