Thursday, 4 December 2014

# 332 - WAR - How the BBC wastes your money.

I have just submitted this complaint to the BBC via their internet link :-

"As is constantly reported in the media the BBC has got to save money in the years ahead and yet tonight on the News at six the lead story, concerning a tragic suicide of Mother and daughter from the Clifton suspension bridge, was reported by Duncan Kennedy on the main news and Andrew Plant on the local news.
This is a complete waste of money.
As a second complaint why is the BBC 1 news delivered by one newscaster and yet the local news in the west has two.
As a third complaint, learnt this week, why are more than 91 BBC staff paid more then the Prime Minster?
The BBC is a bloated out of control monster and needs urgent surgery to reduce costs which you will NEVER do while you can call on the poor licence fee payers to cough up.
Why does the BBC waste our money in these ways?"

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