Tuesday, 16 December 2014

# 335 - WAR - The BBC's bias will only go when they lose the licence fee.

Two more examples of bias today:-

John Humphreys  - the veteran broadcaster admitted yesterday that the BBC had ignored mass immigration because it feared critics would say it was racist. He went on to say his employer was 'soft', 'complacent' and 'institutionally nervous' when it came to tackling the story or questioning multiculturalism. Finally he said that BBC employees are unable to understand the concerns of ordinary people because they typically lead 'sheltered' middle-class lives and are overwhelmingly 'liberal Oxbridge males'.

Well I have news for the BBC as I don't brand it racist but I DO brand it bias and very bias at that!

Glamorising cannabis  - Radio 4's Today programme is being investigated by Ofcom
 over claims it celebrated drug use in a news report about Bob Marley-branded cannabis. In terms of bias this means only pushing one side of the argument and failing to point out the lives cannabis can shatter.

What you have to realise is that the BBC is bias in favour of cannabis use BECAUSE many of their liberal minded staff and their children use cannabis recreationally and one has to say probably fairly safely and responsibly. But of course they do NOT want to end up with a criminal record for using cannabis and so they unashamedly push for its legalisation. The trouble is going soft on cannabis use, as we current are, or legalising it will help them but will devastate the lives of the less fortunate in our society as we can see on the sink estates.

Never forget these champagne socialists, on this issue of cannabis use, care first for themselves. Further more so many of their policies aim at solving their own consciences without any hard nosed analysis of whether they really work in practice.

If you consider my last point when judging the BBC's output you may start to understand why it is 'INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS.'

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