Tuesday, 16 December 2014

# 336 - WAR - Jonathan Hunt's book - Trial by Conspiracy.

I was first contacted by Jonathan Hunt earlier this year after he had come across this blog and we had a long chat about the BBC's bias.

Jonathan Hunt's particular concern, for many years, has been his determination to expose the truth behind the controversy that brought down John Major's government involving Neil Hamilton and others and 'the cash for questions' saga. More recently he has turned his fire onto the BBC who were wholly complicit in the cover up to prevent the truth being told. In his book ' Trial by Conspiracy' he explains in great detail how and why the Guardian newspaper basically concocted the whole story to help set in motion, what became the long running story, of Tory sleaze that helped bring about the Conservative government.

I urge you to find the time to watch this YouTube film he has produced which is the fourth and latest in a number he has produced on the subject :-

Hopefully this story is not going to go away so please help spread the word.