Monday, 23 December 2013

# 290 - WAR - And there is more .....of course!!

1. Free advert for Labour policy -  The other day on Radio 2 the 1pm news ended with the item about the dangers of 'Fixed odds betting terminals'. The only comment came from Ed Miliband who was allowed, unopposed, to say that the next Labour government would legislate to ban them.
No mention was made that it was the Labour government's 2005 Gambling Act that gave us them in the first place. So why was there NO balance with a Tory point of view?

2. Another dodgy pay offs - So I read Peter Fincham was paid off with £500,000 yes that is half a million. This was the man who faked the Queen's exit from a meeting apparently in a huff during a programme about her.

3. Top bosses expenses - Again I read that the BBC's top executives have individually run up expenses of £10,000 or more on exclusive restaurant meals which they often attend under the guise of holding important meetings. Well it's not their money after all and they are very important aren't they!

4.Anjem Choudary - Was given airtime to give reasons for Fusilier Rigby's murder. Viewers protested this extremist shouldn't be given airtime but if balanced this is not the main issue for me. The main issue is that the BBC seldom if ever give airtime to right wing views let alone extreme right wing views.


  1. Not only no balance of a Tory spokesman. At the most recent council elections Labour got 29%, Tories 25% & UKIP 23% (there were also some LibDems). If the BBC were "balanced" as their Charter legally requires that would mean a UKIP spokesman nearly as often as the other 2. I don't think anybody would claim that happens.

    If the BBC were 1% honest and only 99% corrupt propagandists a UKIP spokesman would be on 1% as often (ie 2-3 times a week). I don't think they even reach the level of being only 99% corrupt totalitarians,

  2. You are certainly right that the BBC is not balanced but I'm not certain UKIP, as yet, deserves an equal billing with the LibLabCon as they need to PROVE themselves by gaining sets at Westminster.

  3. That should of course be 'seats'!

  4. I quite like Anjem Choudary appearing on the radio, he is honest. After all if extremism Islam was just him and his 100 followers then Salman Rushdie would not have had to go into hiding in 1989.

  5. Even if UKIP were getting spokesmen on half as often as their support by voters (& licence payers) demands it would be a massive improvement. If media coverage tends to produce support (I am certain the state broadcaster knows it does) that much coverage would probably raise UKIP 10% in the polls, hence dropping the LabCons 5% each (I'm assuming Libs are at their core support). Which shows how important broadcasting control is.