Wednesday, 18 December 2013

# 289 - WAR - Four more examples of the BBC simply NOT getting it.

1. Pay off to staff - Parliament has added weight by confirming the payouts to staff, covered here some weeks ago, were excessive. The BBC have now capped payments at £150,000.

2.Half a million refurbishment of 1 billion new BBC Centre.

3. Unbalanced report -  At 3pm on Friday 13th December on Radio 2 a news item covered the report that grammar Schools were too middle class. The ONLY and UNCHALLENGED contributor to the report was an anti selection person. Balance would have included a comment from a pro selection person who might have pointed out if Man.United can select on talent than why not schools?

4. Lord Patten - I read today that he is trying to suppress a  critical report on the BBC's failed and scrapped £100million IT project.

Good old Auntie they just don't get it do they.

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