Thursday, 12 December 2013

# 287 - WAR - Is Lord Patten trying to cover up key evidence on Savile?

The Daily Mail reports Lord Patten is aware of a secret tape which shows the author of the official £3millon inquiry into Jimmy Savile said he made a mistake in the final report.

The claim is that the previous DG WAS specifically warned about the disgraced DJ's sex abuse yet allowed glowing tributes to be screened after Savile's death.

Lord Patten's luck appears to be running out and I have never rated this Tory wet and I hope his 'Establishment' veneer is about to be peeled away to show him up for the man he really is.

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  1. I regard the 28 Gate scandal as thousands of times worse than Saville because (A) the entire BBC organisation was complicit not just a limited number, (B) it involved the BBC knowingly and deliberately lying to promote the global warming scare, rather than merely ignoring the truth & (C) the cost is hundreds of billions of £s spread across everybody in Britain & the deaths of 10s of thousands through fuel poverty, rather than a few dozen kids abused.

    Since that came out & even moreso since the BBC have spent a year censoring any mention of it, it has been literally impossible for any honest informed person to dispute that the BBC is a wholly corrupt, lying, thieving, murdering totalitarian fascist organisation to which no human being with as much honesty as those, rightly, hung for Auschwitz, could ever belong.