Sunday, 25 September 2016

#408w - Bias staff at the bias BBC.

Have you ever known a BBC broadcaster sacked for bias?

No - me neither!

So Spring Watch co-host Chris Packman gets away with bias because, and wait for this great excuse, he is NOT a regular presenter!!!

So you be the judge of what this apparently part-time presenter said which was that he branded all hunters and shooters as the 'nasty brigade'.

Personally I've never seen anyone less tolerant than the supposed 'Green brigade' but then what do I know as a white middle class male with right of centre views. I'm an endangered species which the BBC does everything in its power to destroy.

The real irony in all this is that most of the BBC management are white middle class males and yes females, paid handsomely from the  compulsory licensee tax we all have to pay, who all live comfortable urban lives and couldn't tell the difference between a stoat, mink, ferret or weasel!

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