Friday, 9 September 2016

#405w - BBC and grammer schools.

The BBC once again reverts to type over the PM's decision to allow the creation of new Grammar schools aimed at selecting pupils on intellectual merit.

During the news tonight on BBC 1 at six and 10 the  first item dealt with Grammar school issue and contained three vox pops who were all against the idea.

Are the BBC really trying to tell me that for balance they could not have found somebody who stood up for the principles of Grammar schools.

The BBC's DNA contains huge swathes of anti elitist thinking and this from an organisation that is actually elitist to its core.

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  1. Indeed, grammar schools are almost universally debunked by experts who are familiar with the pros and cons so it's ridiculous for the BBC to kowtow to the government on every topic to present a supposed balanced viewpoint. That's not unbiased, that's just bad reporting from an elitist organisation that's far too sympathetic to it's paymasters.