Friday, 16 September 2016

#407w - It's time David Dimbleby retired.

Question Time last night was a classic case of BBC basis.

1. The panel of five contained only one person, in Quentin Letts, who supported Brexit. Balance, and a reflection that the Leavers WON, should have had three Leavers to two Remainers.

2. The audience from Salisbury appeared to be 2 thirds from the Left and only a third from the Right and this in a Conservative seat.

3. Dimbleby allowed Campbell and MacDonald far too much of the time to slug it out over the current issues in the Labour party. At times allowing the rants to go on unchecked. 

4. Unusually, entirely due to his increasingly poor chairmanship, he only had time for 3 questions.

Dimbleby in terms of chairing QT is past his Best Before Date.