Sunday, 6 December 2015

# 374 - war - The BBC and the Paris climate conference.

In the Spectator this week, under an article titled 'COOLER HEADS - The age of climate realism is upon us' by Benny Peiser, he mentions how the global surface temperatures have failed to adhere to the predictions of climate modellers. Rather than rapid warming, as the IPCC has predicted, the temperature rise has been barely discernable, standing nearly still for most of the last 20 years. This FACT is known to us climate sceptics or as the climate zealots like to brand us climate deniers.

However this is a FACT and of course completely discredits the theory that a rise in CO2 emissions leads to our planet warming. The world's CO2 emissions are increasing and yet the temperature hasn't gone up.

So the BIG question is why has the BBC made NO reference to this startling FACT on its coverage of the Paris climate change conference?

The answer is of course that the BBC is completely one sided and bias on its coverage of climate change and all its staff have been instructed that there is no debate on this subject and they must push the line that 'we' are damaging our planet and only by following a strict 'Green Agenda' can we be saved.

Even if the our climate was warming the facts are that up to around an increase of  3.5C we would all benefit and this would NOT lead to any serious damage. What damage, if any, that did occur could easily be managed.

Personally I wear the badge of climate sceptic with great pride.  

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